WorkWize | Nootropic Electrolyte Drink | Stop Fatigue, Enhance Hydration

Hydration +
Fatigue Defence

EndurAID is the ONLY Electrolyte drink specially formulated to Fight Fatigue and keep you safe on site.

EndurAID is a unique blend of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino’s that Rehydrate AND Refuel.

The Nootropic blend in EndurAID refuels the neurotransmitters your brain uses to fight fatigue as the electrolyte blend replaces what the sweat takes out.


As certain neurotransmitter levels drop, so do your eyelids. EndurAID stops that.

Amino Acids

Amino acids make neurotransmitters. So we made sure to pack our drink with them.

Work Days

Work can be tough. Your brain can lose up to 40% of those aminos during an average work day.


Stay safe.
Refuel your brain.
Fight fatigue with EndurAID.

Beat Heat Stress And Fatigue
With Science

We designed a powerful nootropic blend of aminos, vitamins, and electrolytes while working onsite that helps fight off heat stress and fatigue better than any other.

Keep Yourself Safe

You know that fatigue kills. That’s why we made WorkWize. To keep you safe by keeping fatigue at bay for as long as possible.

Aussie Made
Aussie Owned

Taste that all-natural Australian taste with WorkWize. No sugar or artificial stuff here.
Just natural Aussie goodness.

Grade Hydration

Take on even the harshest conditions with WorkWize. Our scientifically developed blend of amino acids and chelated electrolytes gives you optimal hydration.
No matter what.

Designed For The Pressures of Your Job

In your job, safety and performance come first. So we developed a product made just for you. Harness the power of Nootropics to keep yourself at peak performance all day long.

Performance Hydration
& Fatigue PPE

Purpose Built For Site



                from the Greek root noos and tropein, meaning to steer the mind. Nootropics are a class of compounds that can benefit memory, attention, motivation and cognition in otherwise healthy individuals.



EndurAID contains a synergistically formulated blend of Nootropic amino acids designed to fight the onset of fatigue.


The EndurAID Nootropic blend of tyrosine, phenylalanine and BCAA's fuels the neurotransmitters needed to keep you focussed and alert. This is combined with a dose of glycine, creatine and acetyl carnitine to help your brain cells generate the energy you need to pull through long shifts.

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Jam packed with all the electrolytes a hard working body needs, EndurAID is unrivalled at keeping you hydrated.


The EndurAID electrolyte blend has a mega dose of magnesium, calcium, potassium and of course sodium to replace everything you sweat out. All electrolyte minerals are in bioavailable forms for optimal absoprtion.

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With a combination of B & C vitamins, EndurAID can help your body deal with stress and power on through tough days.


With vitamins B5, B6, B12 and C, the EndurAID vitmain blend is formulated to assist in cellular energy generation, immune support and stress reduction.

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all natural

We only use the good stuff with all natural flavours and colours, no nasties.

All Natural

EndurAID is coloured and flavoured with only high quality fruit extracts and natural colours. It is 99 % sugar free and sweetened only with stevia extract.

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