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EndurAID is the only electrolyte drink specially formulated to fight fatigue, and keep you safe on site. 

This unique mix of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino Acids rehydrates and refuels your body in one go.

Our special Nootropic blend tops up the brain chemicals you use to fight fatigue. At the same time, the electrolyte mix puts back the vital minerals sweat takes out.

We've carefully crafted this drink to be your mate in keeping hydrated and energised, helping you stay sharp and safe, boosting your overall performance.

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Hydration + Fatigue + Defence

EndurAID is the ONLY Electrolyte drink specially formulated to Fight Fatigue and keep you safe on site.

EndurAID combines a unique mix of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino Acids that both rehydrate and refuel your body.

The Nootropic blend in EndurAID replenishes the neurotransmitters your brain uses to fight fatigue, while the Electrolyte blend restores the essential minerals lost through sweat.

EndurAID is the new standard in workplace safety.



As certain neurotransmitter levels drop, so do your eyelids. EndurAID stops that.

amino acids

amino acids

Amino acids make neurotransmitters. So we made sure to pack our drink with them.

work days

work days

Work can be tough. Your brain can lose up to 40% of those aminos during an average work day.



Stay safe. Refuel your brain. Fight fatigue with EndurAID.


EndurAID contains a synergistically formulated blend of Nootropic amino acids designed to fight the onset of fatigue.



Jam packed with all the electrolytes a hard working body needs, EndurAID is unrivalled at keeping you hydrated.


With a combination of B & C vitamins, EndurAID can help your body deal with stress and power on through tough days.


All Natural Colours & Flavours

We only use the good stuff with all natural flavours and colours, no nasties.