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How does the WorkWize AffiliM8 program make me money?

affilim8 workflow

1. Register as an AffiliM8

Register for the WorkWize affilate program, 'AffiliM8' here.

2. Get your AffiliM8 Code

After approval, we supply you with your personalised AffiliM8 code - example: John123.

3. Learn about WorkWize

Using our materials, learn about the benefits of using WorkWize within the workplace. This will give you the ammo to approach your boss.

4. Chat with your Boss

Armed with knowledge of the benefits of WorkWize, chat with your boss about getting it onsite and added to your regular PPE order. If they use your code, they get a discount, AND YOU GET A CUT.

5. WorkWize is ordered

Using your AffiliM8 code, WorkWize is ordered for your company and we deliver it to site.

6. You Get Paid

Now every time your code is used, you get a cut of the price.

Not comfortable with speaking to your boss?


If you are not comfortable speaking with your boss, or just think that one of our sales reps could do a better job? Simply fill out the introduction form and help us make contact with the decision maker in your company.

If a sale is successful we will reward you with a $50 gift voucher for your choice of Trade Tools, BWS, Anaconda, or Coles!

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