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Energy Drink Alternatives: Choose EnduraMAX
Explore the health risks of traditional energy drinks and why EnduraMAX, a healthier electrolyte drink, offers a safer, sustained energy boost without harmful ingredients. Switch to EnduraMAX today!
The Ultimate Tradie Drink: WorkWize Leads the Way

In the world of trades, from the sweltering heat of Australian summers to the brisk, chilly mornings of winter, staying hydrated is key to not just surviving but thriving on the job. That's where the ultimate tradie drink, WorkWize, steps in, setting the bar high for hydration, energy, and overall well-being.

Australia Industry Fatigue Report 2024
Dive into the pivotal Australia Fatigue Report 2024, a cornerstone document revealing essential insights into workplace fatigue, emphasising its significant impact on safety and productivity. 
Introducing WorkWize EndurAID
We are exited to announce the launch of WorkWize EndurAID. Same great electrolyte formulation. Same revolutionary Nootropic Anti Fatigue Formulation. NEW ALL NATURAL colour and flavour profiles.
Adaptogens For Stress, An Ancient Solution To A Modern Problem
Adaptogens are a powerful class of supplements that can help you be healthier, less stressed and maybe even live longer.
Suffering From Shift Work Sleep Disorder? Here Are 5 Tips For Better Sleep
Here are 5 tips to get a better night sleep. These will help to improve sleep quality and reduce latency through a variety of means.
How To Minimise The Risk Of Heat Stress – WorkWize Mobile App
Working in hot weather can at times pose a serious health hazard. Use the WorkWize app to determine the risk of heat stress related illness.
Amino Acids And Hydration
Most people are aware that electrolyte drinks are more beneficial than just water in terms of promoting hydration, but did you know that protein and amino acids can promote hydration as well!?
Dangers Of Artificial Colours And Flavours
Since the 1950’s, consumption of artificial food colourings has increased 500%. Food colours are in nearly everything we eat – from our soft drinks to our breakfast cereals, and to even our medications.
Everything You Need To Know About Neurotransmitters
Ever wondered how the brain sends signals to the body, produces sensations and controls your emotions? Its all about neurotransmitters. This article gives a 101 on neurotransmitters and how some Nootropics can affect them.
2019 Industry Fatigue Report
Checkout our new industry report about fighting fatigue written for Australian Industry. The report gives a rundown on the impacts of fatigue on Australian industry both personal and financial.
Managing Fatigue At Work: Why Am I So Tired? Central Nervous System Fatigue
Ever wondered why your week gets harder day by day and you get tired at work? Ever wondered how fatigue works?
Amino Acid 101: What Are Amino Acids? What Do Amino Acids Do?
Ever wondered what Amino Acids are, what they do, and where they come from? Amino Acids 101 describes the 20 Amino Acids needed by your body and supplementing them.
Safework Australia Fatigue Guidelines
Safework have released a document detailing guidelines for mitigating the effects of fatigue onsite. Fatigue management is considered to be a top priority for safety onsite.
Tyrosine Supplementation To Improve Physical And Mental Performance
Increased dopaminergic and noradrenergic activity in the brain has been associated with feelings of motivation, arousal and reward and decreased fatigue, and this has been linked to enhanced performance.
B Vitamins Are Cost Effective Treatment For Occupational Stress
A study showed a double blind randomised placebo controlled study 90 day administration of B vitamins led to decrease in workplace stress.
Amino Acids In Sports Drinks Improves Fluid Retention
Research indicate that fluid retention for amino acid enhanced water was 15% greater than for carbohydrate drink and 40% greater than water.
Combating Fatigue: Tyrosine Supplementation
Tyrosine supplementation has been enhance physical endurance under elevated environmental temperatures. Time to physical exhaustion was increased by 15% with Tyrosine over placebo.

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