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Made by tradies for tradies

Fuel Your Workday the Smart Way! At WorkWize, we're tradies just like you. We know the sweat and effort a hard day's work takes. That's why we've developed our WorkWize Electrolyte Drinks right here in Australia, tailored for those who make a living with their hands. Whether you're up a ladder, on the tools, or braving the elements, our range is your go-to for staying sharp and hydrated. Dive into our lineup – made by tradies, for tradies, to power you through every job - The Smarter Way!


Sip Away Fatigue, Hydrate Smarter!

Discover Your Hydration Heroes: Work as Hard as You Do


EndurAID, the unique fatigue fighting electrolyte drink, is your mate on site. With a special mix of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino Acids, it not only rehydrates but also refuels.

It tops up your brain's neurotransmitters to combat fatigue, while replenishing what sweat takes out.

Stay safe, stay sharp with EndurAID.

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EnduraMAX is your healthy pick-me-up, outlasting energy drinks without the crash. Crafted for sustained energy, it ditches the sugar and caffeine spikes.

Its robust combo of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Nootropics, Adaptogens, and natural caffeine keeps you powered up all day – on and off the site.

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Sip Reviews


WorkWize has helped me focus not only working on the tools, but in the office as well. It has a refreshing taste, which is easy to stomach no matter how hot and bothered you feel working. It has really become a staple part of me and my crew’s day both to boost our water intake and improve energy levels, especially through the afternoon. I feel it gives you a boost of energy without the sickly come down of energy drinks you get at the shops. I really notice it on days where we run out of WorkWize, everyone’s day seems to drag, and you can see that energy levels are down. I also use it every gym session as a mild pre-work out it’s that good!

testimonial from liam

I provide WorkWize to my 20 staff in the kitchen and they really get a lot out of it. I find it helps them to maintain their speed and efficiency through their busy days, keeping them hydrated and motivated. Aside from the efficiency increase I also like knowing this is helping them have a happier more comfortable day in a hot sweaty environment. I personally love drinking it, it’s got no sugar which straight sets it apart from most electrolyte drinks but tastes great. I have found the afternoons are easier to get through, I have more energy and I don’t feel dehydrated. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone interested, it’s great.

richard-ousby testimonial

I've been taking WorkWize for the last 6 months. I usually have it just after lunch before the afternoon struggle street kicks in. I've found that WorkWize definitely perks me up through the rest of the day and keeps me alert. I can absolutely recommend WorkWize 100%. It's part of my daily routine now.

adrian ford testimonial

I have been using WorkWize to refuel for training after long work days. I have found my mental energy and focus has been noticeably improved and in my training sessions I have been sharp and less fatigued.

richard-mcMahon testimonial

Dive into Hydration Heaven Now!

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You Could Recharge for Free! Unlock the power of WorkWize with a complimentary taste. Click now and experience the drink that's powering tradies across Australia – it's your turn to energize your workday!

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You lose more than water when you sweat.

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You lose more than just sweat when you work.

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Fight fatigue, hydrate smarter with WorkWize.


EndurAID is the ONLY Electrolyte drink specially formulated to Fight Fatigue and keep you safe on site.

EndurAID is a unique blend of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino’s that Rehydrate AND Refuel.

The Nootropic blend in EndurAID refuels the neurotransmitters your brain uses to fight fatigue as the electrolyte blend replaces what the sweat takes out

Hydrate to Dominate: EndurAID vs. EnduraMAX

Pick Your Power: Check out our infographic comparing EndurAID and EnduraMAX. Whether it's sustained energy with EnduraMAX or sharp focus with EndurAID, choose the right WorkWize drink to fuel your day and boost performance. Hydrate smarter, dominate longer!