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Meet your ultimate mate on the job site: WorkWize's EndurAID and EnduraMAX Electrolyte Drinks. Designed specifically for tradies putting in the hard yards day after day, our drinks blend hydration and energy perfectly to keep you going strong from dawn till dusk.


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Let's take a closer look. Firstly, EndurAID and EnduraMAX stand out because they cater precisely to the relentless pace of a tradie's life. The physical demands of your work require more than just any drink can offer. You need something that hydrates you and boosts your energy simultaneously. That's exactly what WorkWize provides – a drink that keeps you at your best.

Grabbing a WorkWize drink isn't just about quenching your thirst or getting a quick energy fix; it's about maintaining peak performance all day long. WorkWize products combine Electrolytes + Nootropics to directly combat the effects of fatigue. The uniquely formulated EndurAID and EnduraMAX redefine hydration with the addition of Nootropics and Adaptogens to make every sip count to power you through the day.

Moreover, these drinks aren't just another item in your toolkit. They are your partners in ensuring you tackle each task with sustained vigour and sharp focus. 

EndurAID and EnduraMAX

To wrap it up, WorkWize's EndurAID and EnduraMAX Electrolyte Drinks are more than just beverages. They are your reliable supporters, keeping you hydrated and energised, enabling you to excel from the first light of day to the evening's close.

Make them your go-to hydration and energy sources on the job site and feel the difference in your performance. For a tradie like you, accepting anything less is not an option.



EndurAID, the unique electrolyte drink, is your fatigue-fighting mate on site. With a special mix of electrolytes, vitamins, and nootropic amino acids, it not only rehydrates but also refuels. It tops up your brain's neurotransmitters to combat fatigue, while replenishing what sweat takes out. Stay safe, stay sharp with EndurAID.

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EnduraMAX is your healthy pick-me-up, outdoing energy drinks without the crash. Crafted for sustained energy, it ditches the sugar and caffeine spikes. Its robust combo of electrolytes, vitamins, nootropics, adaptogens, and natural caffeine keeps you powered up all day – on and off the site.

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