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Amino Acids In Sports Drinks Improves Fluid Retention

Fluid Retention Study: Research shows amino acid-enhanced water improves fluid retention by 15% over carbohydrate drinks. It also shows a 40% improvement over plain water.

Report Summary: Fluid Retention Study

Fluid retention study aimed to compare among drinks: one with carbohydrates and proteins, one with just carbohydrates, and plain water after losing 2.5% body weight (BW).

Thirteen participants dehydrated to lose 2.5% of their BW. They then consumed a CHO (6%) plus protein (1.5%; CP) drink, a 6% CHO drink, or water (WA). Each drink's volume matched their body weight loss, consumed over a 3-hour recovery period.

Findings show CP drink users had significantly higher fluid retention (88 ± 4.7%) compared to CHO drink (75 ± 14.6%) and water (53 ± 16.1%).

Serum and urine osmolality tests also showed higher levels for CP drink users (284.7 ± 5.0; 569.4 ± 291.4 mOsm/kg) than those drinking CHO (282.6 ± 5.2; 472.9 ± 291.5 mOsm/kg) and water (280.6 ± 5.9, 303.7 ± 251.5 mOsm/kg).


The CP blend boosted fluid retention by 15% over CHO drinks and 40% over water. Drinking plain water only led to 53% fluid retention. Read the full report for insights on hydration efficiency after weight loss, highlighting the advantages of amino acid enhanced water.

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