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Introducing WorkWize EndurAID

We’re stoked to unveil the latest addition to the WorkWize family — WorkWize EndurAid! This launch marks a significant leap forward in our quest to offer the ultimate hydration solution, blending science-backed nourishment with top-notch Aussie ingenuity.

What’s New with EndurAid?

While maintaining our classic electrolyte blend and our pioneering Nootropic Anti-Fatigue Formula, we've taken a huge step by introducing all-natural colour and flavour profiles. What does this mean for you? It means a hydration solution that’s not only effective but also wholesome and natural.

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Exciting New Flavours!

Dive into our vibrant new palette of flavours, inspired by the hard yakka spirit of Aussie tradies:

  • Berry Safe — a berry blast that keeps you alert
  • Lockout Lime — zesty lime to zap fatigue
  • PPE Pineapple — tropical vibes to shield your vitality
  • Hi Vis Orange — a citrus punch to highlight your day

Choose Your Style!

EndurAid now comes in three versatile serving options to suit every need and lifestyle:

Mixed Flavour 45 Sachet Pouch — Mix it up with all four flavours in one handy pouch. Perfect for the team or for those who love a bit of variety.

Individual Flavour 10 Sachet Travel Pouches — Ideal for on-the-go hydration, these travel-friendly pouches ensure you’re never without your favourite flavour.

Individual Flavour 155g Tubs — The most economical and eco-friendly option yet, these tubs are designed for those who think big and care for the environment.

Why Choose WorkWize EndurAid?

EndurAid isn't just another drink; it's a lifeline for tradies and workers in demanding environments. Each serving is crafted to fight fatigue and enhance focus with a formula that replenishes vital nutrients and supports peak performance. It's about staying safe and energised, all day, every day.

Whether you’re on the job site or planning your next outdoor adventure, EndurAid is your go-to hydration partner, ready to mix and quick to refresh. With options tailored to every need and a commitment to natural, effective ingredients, WorkWize continues to lead the way in hydration innovation.

So, why wait? Give WorkWize EndurAid a go and experience hydration that’s designed with your health and performance in mind. Choose smart, stay safe, and keep hydrated with the flavours you love — naturally!

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