Australia Industry Fatigue Report 2024

Australia Industry Fatigue Report 2024

The Australia Industry Fatigue Report 2024 extensively analyses fatigue's impact on workplace safety, productivity, and health across various industries, not just transport and heavy machinery. It pinpoints fatigue as a major cause of workplace incidents, accounting for approximately 65% of truck accidents in mining and 55% of vehicle-related worker fatalities in 2022.

Financially, fatigue costs over $60 billion annually in Australia, encompassing direct costs like lost productivity and medical expenses, and indirect costs such as downtime and worker replacement—totaling up to $190,000 per incident. It also severely affects workers' long-term health, linking to diseases like heart disease and depression.

The report stresses the physiological aspects of fatigue, like dehydration and nutrient loss, exacerbating exhaustion. It advocates for strategies to manage fatigue, including regular breaks, proper hydration, and using supplements like WorkWize's EndurAID to maintain alertness and cognitive function.

This crucial document urges a deeper awareness and proactive management of fatigue to boost safety and reduce healthcare and operational costs.

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