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B Vitamins Are Cost Effective Treatment For Occupational Stress

A study showed a double blind randomised placebo controlled study 90 day administration of B vitamins led to decrease in workplace stress.

Report abstract:
OBJECTIVE: Occupational stress is increasing in Western societies and the impact is significant at a personal, organisational and community level. This study is the first to evaluate the impact of high-dose vitamin B complex on mood. Over three months, two forms of the supplement were tested for reducing psychological strain related to work stress.

METHOD: Sixty participants engaged in a 3-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The study assessed personality, work demands, mood, anxiety, and strain.

RESULTS: After adjusting for personality and work demands, the vitamin B complex groups showed notable improvements. They reported less personal strain and reduced confusion and depression after 12 weeks. There were no treatment-related changes in other measures of mood and anxiety.

DISCUSSION: The results of the study are consistent with two previous studies examining multivitamin supplementation and personal (non-work) feelings of strain and suggestive of significant decreases in the experience of workplace stress after 90 day supplementation of a B multivitamin.

CONCLUSION: Given the direct and indirect costs of workplace stress, these findings point to the utility of a cost-effective treatment for the mood and psychological strain effects of occupational stress. These findings may have important personal health, organisational and societal outcomes given the rising cost and incidence of workplace stress.

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